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swings in a row
On Swings

Swings. Playground swings. Any kind of swings, really. Such a long-lasting fun thing, swings. Seems that everybody likes them. As soon as they are old enough. As long as they are not too old to get on one. I used to like them. I really did. Until we reached the Age of the Litigious Parent. […]

thanksgiving games

Ah, Thanksgiving, again. Such a sweet holiday. For most of us. Family, feast, fun. The “for most of us” part is probably as important as any of the other parts of Thanksgiving. Maybe more useful to think about before Thanksgiving so that we can spend some time doing something about it. Which, oddly enough, turns […]

playground, provingground or battleground?

I clicked my way to this article by Defender of the Playful, my much-admired friend Gwen Gordon: If our caregiver gives us consistent emotional support, we’re likely to develop a secure base and grow up seeing a world full of adventures, opportunities, and playmates — a playground. But if the support is unreliable we’re likely […]

play anyway

When things get a little crazy – you know, hard, hard to understand, to accept – I like to go on my computer and play with words awhile. I guess I believe that playing like that, with words, with the sounds of words, the nuances, that, somehow, meaning will emerge, as it often, almost reliably […]

poetry and toilet paper

Toilet Paper Tug of War, as the name so eponymously explicates, is a game of tug of war in which, instead of a rope, the players use a length of toilet paper. It is a silly game, as most toilet paper games tend to be. If the players understand enough about play and playfulness to […]


Apparently, I just can’t say enough about measuring fun. On the other hand, I may have said more than enough – so much more than enough that you haven’t had the time or inclination to dig through the effusion to reach the sparkly core. Or perhaps less than enough, but not as clearly and self-evidently […]

The entrance to your playful path is wonder.

Get inspired listening to selections from Bernie’s books and articles, and then more inspired playing games from Bernie’s huge repertoire of deeply playful games.
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"This volume should really be titled A Guide to Being Human. I recommend you read only a page or two at a time. Let it sink in. Apply it. Revel in it."

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"Now, finally, we come to Bernard DeKoven’s new book, A Playful Path. It is, for me at least, the best self-help book I’ve ever read."

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Playfulness opens you. It lightens your heart

“A playful path is the shortest road to happiness.”

‐ the Oaqui

"I know that if we only let ourselves out to play we would rediscover ourselves and reunite with the world."




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