Playfulness is a gift.

And author/fun theorist Bernard De Koven
invites you to receive it!

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alone in the woods
getting scared

It’s that time again. And every time it gets to be that time I think about how weird it is that it can be so fun to get scared. By that I mean how fun it is to pretend to get scared. And how, even though we know we’re only pretending, real we can make […]

Play is the kale of behavior

Gwen Gordon, my friend, much respected scholar, prducer and main woman behind the recently-MacArthur-Foundation-Development-Grant-winning TV documentary series project Now Playing, fellow promoter of playfulness and recipient of the 2007 Defender of the Playful award; recently shared some of her passion and wisdom in an interview published on Kidscreen, from which I now share selected pith: “How did you come […]

Gerlev Center for Leg og Bevgelseskultur
Physical Game Development at Gerlev Playpark

via Martin Dyrman Hansen Physical Game Development When I am at a family gathering, I am the guy who leaves the table to play with the kids. In my experience all kids are eager for the attention and to play with a grown up. Being the grown up my words bear a lot of weight, […]

Prof. Rod Michalko
just play

I enrolled myself in a MOOC. The first time I ever MOOCed, actually. It was from the University of Sheffield. And the topic was “Exploring Play: The Importance of Play in Everyday Life.” It was free and so was I, so I thought I’d take a conceptual dip. I was in the fifth week of […]

flash mob
inviting play

In general, I’ve had mixed feelings about Flash Mobs. Here are a few of my feeling ingredients: vicarious mob surprise-sharing vicarious performer delight-witnessing incongruous beauty thrill barriers to participation disappointment I elucidate. vicarious mob surprise-sharing – I love watching people’s faces, especially the kids’, as it dawns on them that they are not quite where […]

The Shaman
The Oaqui Conclusions – part two

And so today we revel further in the abundance of our good fortune as we prepare to receive the second installment of that which we formerly received when we were the recipients of the Oaqui Conclusions part one.

The entrance to your playful path is wonder.

Get inspired listening to selections from Bernie’s books and articles, and then more inspired playing games from Bernie’s huge repertoire of deeply playful games.
The Experience

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"This volume should really be titled A Guide to Being Human. I recommend you read only a page or two at a time. Let it sink in. Apply it. Revel in it."

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"Now, finally, we come to Bernard DeKoven’s new book, A Playful Path. It is, for me at least, the best self-help book I’ve ever read."

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Playfulness opens you. It lightens your heart

“A playful path is the shortest road to happiness.”

‐ the Oaqui

"I know that if we only let ourselves out to play we would rediscover ourselves and reunite with the world."




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